Referral Bonus

An incentive to refer people to BECU would be great. I'd be a bajillionaire by now if in this was in place 5 years ago, ha!

There is a $25 referral bonus. They have to listen you in paperwork not just say it to whomever is signing them up for the account.
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Hi Sagisi,

Thanks for being such a great ambassador for BECU! We do have a referral program in place, as @Rmconnors mentioned. Simply stop by any of our locations - a representative will provide you with referral coupons that you can pass along to your friends and family. They will need to present the coupon within two weeks of opening an account in order for them (and you) to receive credit.

Have a great evening! 


I had no idea! Ok new suggestion - enable electronic referrals and increase the incentive to $50 hahaha. Thank y'all for the responses.