Read debit card to log into smart phone app

I know certain places I go read my credit card in order to bill me through their cell phone, which emails a receipt to me. Can my BECU debit card log me into my own cell phone BECU app (not including password) using the same technology?

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@shranac- We're reviewing your idea and wanted to follow up with some questions to help us better understand what your suggesting. Can you describe how this would work and what the benefit to members would be? How is this better than fingerprint functionality from a security perspective? Thanks for the additional insight! Cheers, KristinA 


One advantage is, I find thumbprint swiping on my laptop to be faulty, particularly when my fingers have damage (taking up guitar, after swimming, clumsy with a knife...).


Another is, I shouldn't have to load the app to get started. Just swipe when my phone is on and bang, the app loads with me logged in.

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@shranac- Thanks for the quick response! Cheers, KristinA 

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@shranac- We've reviewed your idea with our Digital team and while we won't be moving forward with a debit card swipe/mobile app login, we do have future plans to offer a secondary authentication for the mobile app. We hope this is good news to your thumbs! Cheers, KristinA