Quicken Web Connect

Today, I can log on to BECU and issue a payment (check) for today or the future.  Once the check is issued, I can download that into Quicken.


  • For a new vendor, I may need to change the category in Quicken.
  • For a loan payment, I will need to change the principal and interest in Quicken as it changes.
  • For a future payment, I will not have a record of it in Quicken until the check is issued. 
  • As I may get a paper bill then email notifications, one needs to log onto BECU and each credit card when the second notice comes to check if it has been paid.


If you offered Quicken Web Connect:

  • I could "write" the check one time in Quicken, entering the categories and breaking out the amount into different amounts as needed.
  • Future payments would show up in my Quicken Check Registry, showing today's balance and future balances that reflect future checks.
  • I could make a future payment in Quicken and not handle that bill with a note that a future payment is made.  That means I handle the paper only once and my "To Be Paid" file is not filled with bills that are already scheduled for payment.
  • I would see that my future balances fell below a certain amount and make appropriate arrangements.
  • As I might arrange payments from different accounts (checking, money market, savings, credit card), I can easily find that in Quicken and not pay twice.
  • As I could enter the payment arrangements immediately in Quicken, I don't need to worry about late payments.


Quicken Web Connect can remove double work, reduce our time, ensure accuracy and remove liabilities for users.




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BECU Employee
Status changed to: Not Right For Us

@Ryq- We certainly want to promote time savings and accuracy. In talking with our Digital team, we don’t plan to offer Quicken Web connect, but do provide Quicken download, Direct Connect, and allow you to connect directly from the Quicken website. Cheers, KristinA