Quarterly Product Preapprovals

Since you are planning to show FICO scores of members, I was thinking if along with just showing FICO scores, if you could also provide automatic pre-approvals for a variety of Credit Products with Credit Limits and APRs so that whenever a Member is considering a new loan / refinance, she/he can just login to BECU and select a pre-approved offer. Some FCUs such as Digital FCU and PENFED are already offering this facility within Online Banking. It's just a matter of few clicks and a member is all set with the new loan/line. The other great thing is selecting one of these preapprovals doesn't even lead to a hard credit pull.
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 @rtali- Thanks for coming back to check out the MIX and share your idea! We love this concept and I know our product group has been exploring ways to offer something like this. We currently communicate pre-approvals through many different ways, email, direct mail, online banking etc.so it would definitely make life easier to have it consolidated in one easily accessible place as you mention. Stay tuned here for any updates or progress as we learn more. Cheers, KristinA 


Wow! That's a great idea! The hard credit pulls have really dinged my credit score while looking for a mortgage. I love this idea!

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