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Provide a year end summary that captures all sales tax for card transaction

BECU Employee

@Mb22- Thanks for posting! Are you meaning for debit or credit card transactions? Or all card transactions? Just clarifying the idea further, it sounds like you want all sales tax aggregated and reported to you? Thanks and cheers, KristinA 


I think a great idea and should be exportable in excel so we can manually change as needed for our specific needs. I don't see why you would not do both credit and debit cards. 

Community Manager

Thanks for adding more detail to the conversation @fireaxe! JohnS 


@JohnS and @KristinA Does BECU receive this type of data from purchases through payment terminals? Whether it is debit or credit card?



Community Manager
Status changed to: Not Right For Us

Thanks for asking the follow up question @Coolcolly! We did some digging with our Product and Card Service teams and learned that information on sales tax associated with debit or credit card transactions is not passed through from the payments or merchant terminals. Since we don’t receive the data, this idea isn't feasible for us to consider. Have a great evening! JohnS



I'm suggesting that this be an option in Bill Pay for internet banking, not related to credit or debit cards. 


Where is my original idea because it's not what is showing at the top of this screen?  I never said anything about sales tax at all.  I only want to see a summary of everything I spent through Bill Pay, sorted by biller in an end of the year summary so I could discern which items were deductible and total that for my tax return.

Community Manager

Hi @J-dog Sorry for any confusion. Your original "Annual Summary" post is located here. I'm not sure how your comments were added to this thread but I'll follow up with you on your original post. Thanks for the additional context! JohnS