Pop Money

Would love to see Pop Money sent to the person right away with no fees!


I agree!


i would love the functionality of Venmo - forget the creepy social media aspect - within BECU's network. 

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I wanted to add I coils never wrap my head around why funds are instaneous when depositing a check using the app yet popmoney - from BECU to BECU accounts - takes multiple business days. 

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@derbygirl1331 & @CMiddleman- The wait is over! I'm excited to share that effective today, you can send POP money next day with no fee! And that's just the beginning.


While we've eliminated the fee for next day POP money, we're also working on additional immediate person-to-person payment enhancements coming later this year. You can read more about that in the Inspired blog here. Cheers, KristinA


That's great news. Thanks, Kristin.