Personal Setting for Account Grouping Default

When I log into online banking, I am presented with a list of my accounts in an account grouping called "Account Type."  I have to change this to "Asset/Liability" with each visit to this page.  I would prefer a personal setting where I could select my default preference and it would persist across devices.  I'm not suggesting that we get rid of the choice to change the grouping on the home screen.  I'm only suggesting that I have the chance to set its default value in my personal settings.


To expand on this, you might consider letting me create my own groupings, like I do for bill payment.  I might like to have three groups, like Non-Retirement Assets, Retirement Assets, and Liabilities.  After saving this as a custom grouping option, it would then be available for selection as my default in the personal settings.

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Hi all! I'm doing a bit of housekeeping and since this idea hasn't had any activity since January, I'm updating the status accordingly. Thanks! JohnS