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When I log into online banking, I am presented with a list of my accounts in an account grouping called "Account Type."  I have to change this to "Asset/Liability" with each visit to this page.  I would prefer a personal setting where I could select my default preference and it would persist across devices.  I'm not suggesting that we get rid of the choice to change the grouping on the home screen.  I'm only suggesting that I have the chance to set its default value in my personal settings.


To expand on this, you might consider letting me create my own groupings, like I do for bill payment.  I might like to have three groups, like Non-Retirement Assets, Retirement Assets, and Liabilities.  After saving this as a custom grouping option, it would then be available for selection as my default in the personal settings.

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It would be nice to move the modules around in the order you want.
Right now it seems that you can only turn the view on and off for certain accounts.

It would be a good feature to be able to move your loans or savings/checking accounts or your credit card account up or down in your account view to be able to have it how you want it so that you can have quick access to the accounts you use most.



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@cmwagner- Thanks for sharing your detailed idea! Money Manager supports account aggregation of assets & liabilities with 4 buckets for Assets (Checking, Savings, Cash, Investment), you could try using these account types to get to the custom aggregation you are wanting. 


To change an account type in Money Manager, open the Accounts View and click on the account you wish to edit. This opens the Account Detail View where you can change an account name, type, and interest rate. You can also edit the account balance of manual accounts. Any changes you make in money manager will display in the mobile app as well. 


We'll keep your "Group by" idea in mind for future design work, and hope you can try this out in the meantime and let us know what you think. Cheers, KristinA 




Hello @KristinA,


Thank you for this workaround, but I don't think Money Manager is for me.  It seems to take a while to load and the screen is cluttered with more than I want to see. 


For example, I've "excluded" a vehicle loan that I've paid off long ago.  Perhaps this prevents the balance from being accounted for as each category is summed, but since it is already paid off we are excluding $0.  It seems that "excluding" an account merely means that the icon is grayed out and there is a sash with the word Excluded across it.  It's not like hiding an acount where it actually get's removed from the screen.  Also, I *love* *love* *love* doing business with BECU and no longer have any business with any other financial institution, so all that stuff about connecting to Chase or CitiBank is more clutter on the screen. 


The Money Manager simply does not compare to the clean and simple design of the original Assets/Liabilities grouping on the BECU Accounts & Loans home page.

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@cmwagner- Thank you for *love* *love* *loving* us, we love that! And thanks also for sharing your experience, I can appreciate your thoughts on money manager.


I do know we've received similar feedback and have made many improvements to the app so you can customize the homepage dashboard and even hide completely the budgeting/spending "stuff" to make it less cluttered. Just in case that helps in any way. Cheers, KristinA


Hello BECU.  It looks like this idea has been in Further Consideration status for over a year.  Would you mind giving us some feedback on how the review is going?

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Thanks for checking in @cmwagner! I'm looking into this and will get back to the thread with more details as soon as I have them. Thanks! JohnS

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@cmwagner - I've connected with our online banking partners and while we like the idea of having a preference setting for account grouping, we don't currently have plans to make this enhancement. We'll keep a pulse on this idea and reevaluate when we have more community support. Thanks! JohnS