Perpetual transaction history

Currently account transaction history is limited to trailing 6 months.  This isn't nearly long enough to be useful for things like tax prep.  This is likely a system limitation put in place when storage memory was expensive.  That is no longer the case. 


My suggestion is to increase transaction history to at least 24 months.  It would be preferrable to have unlimited history.


This one would have saved me much time (and saved me from printing many PDF statements) at tax prep time.

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Yes, in addition to tax preparation, it would be helpful to compare this year's spending over last year's spending for the same month.  How much more did I pay Puget Sound Energy after buying an air conditioning unit for the bedroom by comparing August 2015 over August 2014?


I wasn't aware of this limitation! I'm glad I haven't needed that yet, having used info in years past from SMCU and credit card accounts. Hopefully it can be implemented before I and countless others DO need to see history back to the beginning.


This would definitiely be useful for historical exercises (how much did I pay for that last year?) and at tax time.

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@davehunt- Thanks for being one of our first idea contributors! We're checking in with the digital experts on our end to learn more about our storage strategy. Stay tuned here for additional updates. Cheers, KristinA 

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@davehunt- After review, we've learned that this is due to a system limitation outside of our current control. Bummer I know! As we continue to grow and evaluate our technology needs, your idea will be helpful in identifying solutions that meet our member demand. In the meantime, we do love eStatements as an alternative to review and track your transaction history. Thanks again for engaging with us! Cheers, KristinA 


Any possibility of increasing the span of available transactions to more like 16 months?  That would at least allow those of us doing tax prep in March or April to see all of last year's transactions at once in a searchable format.  The problem with eStatements is that there is no easy way to search through a year's worth.  Let's say I get a monthly payment for $150.00.  I'd like to use something like Excel, or something like that to sort my transactions by amount, or perhaps payee, maybe to find the dates of all of them.  Maybe to add them up, so I can itemize deductions.  eStatements require me to (a.) print them all out and (b.) search manually through them all.   Please empower us by getting a bit more storage space for transaction history.

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Hi @davehunt! Our Money Manager tool in Online Banking will give you a much longer transaction history and all the data can be downloaded in CSV format. Just wanted to offer this as an option to the transaction history available in Online Banking. JohnS 


ONE YEAR MINIMUM for income taxes.  My previous bank offered one full year (Keybank).  With BECU I download each QUARTER then have to combine the quarters into a full year.  The problem is I have 8 accounts with BECU and 3 credit lines. This is due to having my both business & personal with BECU.   I need one full year of .CSV downloading... please BECU, you are way behind the curve with this.  This is for INCOME TAX PREPARATION.... help.!!!!