Paperless receipt showing check deposit at ATM - Let's have them emailed

Some retailers have allowed you to get your receipt by email in addition to, or instead of, a paper copy at the register.

Since paper copies get lost, mangled or otherwise unreadable, I have come to depend on the emailed copy, able to review quickly as needed.
BECU could set the next industry trend in paperless banking by having their ATM's capable of sending receipts directly to members email address.
What do you think?

Community Manager

Thanks for sharing your idea, here @JerryG! We've explored this functionality in the past and, at the time, the enrollment process wasn't as user friendly as we'd like and the cost outweighed member interest. I've shared your idea with our ATM team and I'll continue to monitor and share support this idea receives from the community. Thanks, JohnS  

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