Paperless Statements for Joint Accounts

I think it's absolutely insane, and archaic, that just because my husband is first on our account, and therefore considered the primary, he is the only one that can access our paperless statements. I am the one that handles the money, and pays the bills, so when the time came to print out statements in order to apply for a home loan, I didn't have access. He doesn't log onto the online banking. On a joint account, or any account in which all people can withdraw AND deposit money, all owners should have access to the statements. I shouldn't have to call in order to get them mailed. Also, I shouldn't have to call to get my name put on the statements when we opened the account at the same time, as a joint account.


I agree and would add that the sign in for Bill Pay (and other joint account options) should show on both sides of the joint account what the activity is so that either one in the joint account can access what is being paid and what hasn't been scheduled yet.


Totally agree! It chaps my hyde to have to get my husband on the phone or have him call in to get something accomplished with our joint account.  I pay the bills and stuff. He never logs in and shouldn't have to. 

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11yrs ago, after my husband and I got married, we decided to have a joint account. We set up our online accounts and I quickly realized I didn't have the same access as my husband... I.e. Online bill pay, and other things (I can't remember exacts, because I just log in to his account now - I do all our home finances... And he's a financial manager for a large company! Ha!). I called to ask about about why he got more access than I did, and I was told he was primary simply because he was male! Major issue if you ask me!

Not related to becu, but I owned a condo before we were married and sold it after we got married... Guess who turned into the primary owner!!!! My husband! This fact blew my mind!

BECU could take initiative and make all persons equal. 


Okay, jumping off my soap box. 

Thank you, for listening.


Yes! It is totally archaic that as a joint(!) owner, my account doesn't have the same priviledges as my husband's.  Especially when we BOTH make the money!


Exactly. How does it makes sense that I can manage the money from a joint account, but can't get the statements? The consequence is that I just have my husband's login credentials just so that I can access the statements--which, ironically, is less-secure than if I could just get them from my own login.

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@naomi284- We know this is a pain point and have it on our radar to improve. Cheers, KristinA 


I absolutley agree with the "male as the primary!!"  I'm not sure there is anything that makes my blood boil more than that!!  It's exactly why I applied for a car loan seperate rather that together.  I didn't want to sit in the passenger seat my new car or the loan!!

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@mardeh4 & group- Thanks for sharing your sentiment here, I just wanted to clear up any confusion around account/loan roles.... Who is the primary and who is the joint is completely up to our members to decide. It sounds like in past experiences there may have been confusion on our end or in the way account/loan role requirements were communicated, but be assured, we don't believe the "male" always has to be the "primary." Cheers, KristinA