Paperless Statements for Joint Accounts

I think it's absolutely insane, and archaic, that just because my husband is first on our account, and therefore considered the primary, he is the only one that can access our paperless statements. I am the one that handles the money, and pays the bills, so when the time came to print out statements in order to apply for a home loan, I didn't have access. He doesn't log onto the online banking. On a joint account, or any account in which all people can withdraw AND deposit money, all owners should have access to the statements. I shouldn't have to call in order to get them mailed. Also, I shouldn't have to call to get my name put on the statements when we opened the account at the same time, as a joint account.


Today I am very frustrated with BECU because I am unable to print my joint checking account statement from my online banking log in.  I am told it is a programming decision, why?!  I think whoever is a joint owner of an account should have equal access from their own log in, why make it difficult on your members?!  I understand the reason it was instigated 40 years ago but now membership is open to all Washington State residents.

Please update this antquated frustrating hassel of accessing our accounts easily online, including printing and reviewing e statements from either online account log in!!!!!!!!!

Community Manager

Hi @mzpz I can tell we’ve left you frustrated, thanks for reaching out here to share your experience and improvement idea. We know that in some situations joint account access can be a pain-point for our members and we completely acknowledge that. It’s definitely on our radar to make improvements in this area.


Our top priority, always, is maintaining the security and privacy of all our members. eStatements are linked to the primary member on the account, and will display all accounts the primary is on, which sometimes means there may be accounts not shared by all of the same account owners, which is where this access limitation can come into play. Thanks for making your voice heard in the community.


This is 2019 and this problem with estatements is still not resolved.  My husband is the primary account holder.  Meanwhile, I am also representative payee for our son  and daughter, and I DESPERATELY  NEED  to have access to estatements for both them and me.   I have to send their statements to their guardian each month.  Newsflash--if the statement has more than one page, I have to use extra time, paper, and ink to copy any extra pages in the statement and then take those pages and scan them into my thumbdrive so I can email them to our son and daughter's guardian.  And then my printer's scanner is not even a little good.  It makes such poor scans that people on the other end cannot read them!  The estatements are easy to read.  These bank statements are going to the courts, and the courts need to  be  able to read them.  I NEED estatements!