Option to Use One Login For Both Personal and Business Accounts



I switched to BECU from Wells Fargo (best decision ever!), but the one thing I really miss was the ability to see all of my accounts with the same login and password. Currently I spend a lot of time switching between profiles because there doesn't appear to be another way.

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Good morning @braddelaney, welcome to the community (and BECU)! I can understand this would be a pain-point, especially as you're getting familiar with BECU. I've shared your comments with our Business and Digital partners, so thank you for taking the time to post! JohnS


Fantastic! Thank you!


I will second this. We manage BECU logins for our personal accounts, plus three businesses. When working with all of them at once, it is a big hassle to constantly login/logout of each account. Please - one login for all accounts I am associated with.



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