Open up BECU board membership positions to more regular people

Right now, the BECU board of directors has very few differences with traditional for-profit banks. BECU board members are all required to have finance or executive business backgrounds. Also, the board election process is very secretive, with limited opportunity for voting or participation from regular BECU members.


While professional experience is a plus, this also leaves out a great wealth of perspectives. Since BECU is not a for-profit bank but a credit union, opening up 1-2 board slots for an at-large BECU member would ensure a community voice is heard on the board. Also having a more transparent process for board elections and annual meetings would instill more confidence - and perhaps get you more good ideas!

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Hi @IbsenBanking


Anyone is welcome to apply for the BECU Board of Directors.  Each fall we announce a call for nominations via our newsletter and you can read more about our governance here. With growth comes higher scrutiny and expectations, which means that we are encouraged to maintain a Board of Directors with a high level of business acumen and financial background to ensure the safety and soundness of the credit union.  


We also welcome member involvement through our annual meeting. This year we held our first ever Member Summit which took place in April at the Museum of Flight. In addition to the annual meeting, members have a chance to attend a number of workshops as well as a Q&A session with our Executive Management Team. We would love to see you at our next Member Summit which is planned for April of next year.


Have a wonderful day!