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I very rarely write checks. But when I do, it would be helpful to enter the check information in Online Banking to record the information and to generate an alert when the item has cleared. This would also be useful for Online Bill Payments when a check is mailed to the payee. 


Here are two screenshots of an online check register used by another financial institution:




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Good morning @David_H, thanks for sharing - love the visual aid! So as it exists today, when a check clears your account, you're able to see the transaction including an image of the item. If you have alerts enabled, you'd get a text (or email) letting you know that an item has posted to your account. Similar to your screen shot, our Online Bill Pay provides a pending item list, for any scheduled payments and the same alerts (and image) would apply. Could you share a little more about how the functionality you're proposing would be different? Thanks for the additional insight, I appreciate it! JohnS 


Hi @JohnS,


You are correct in describing the existing functionality after a check clears an account. What I’m describing is new functionality prior to a check clearing an account. A Member could use an Online Check Register to record information about a check that was written, but has not yet cleared. Listing items as pending would help the member to ensure sufficient funds remain in the account for the “pending” checks still not presented for payment.


I mentioned Bill Payment because your current process is both clunky and not accurate. When a bill is paid by draft, the bill payment screen shows the status as “Delivered” and the withdrawal on as “When Check Cashed.” Neither is particularly useful when attempting to ascertain a true balance. In years past, this would be accomplished by reconciliation against a checkbook register.


This suggestion relates to providing complete account information, although it relies on input from the Member. I included adding Bill Pay because that entire system is non-integrated and cumbersome to track. The existing Alerts and Check Images are fine, but they would need to be fully integrated with this suggestion to provide meaningful benefit. Thank you. 


I like @David_H ideas for an online check register, which includes Bill Payment. This would always be helpful and of great importance in every day personal finances.

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Thanks @David_H! I appreciate you taking the time to explain this further. We want our members to manage and track their spending in ways that work best for them. I look forward to seeing how the community responds to and supports this idea! JohnS


I recently became a BECU member and a feature like this would be extremely helpful.

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