Online Bill Pay Revamp Suggestions

I think they should stream line and make the bill pay a more pleasant experience, perhaps with a better guide available to show new users a how to. My experience with the bill pay application was fraught with annoyances and difficulties that I believe could have been easily avoided. I haven't been on the bill pay long but if this issue has already been addressed then disregard this post. To sum up, I think BECU should:

Have a wel versed web designer revamp the page for user functionality and ease.

Possibly combine paying BECU, third Parties, and businesses into one cohesive form with drop down tabs or a more elegant visual experience.

Make it easier to navigate, set up, and most importantly remove payees.

Connect with more businesses and set up a system that allows the member to actually make sure the entity they are paying us the correct one, like by possibly linking the live customer service set up with the bill pay feature.

Allow acess to a visual bill pay window summary on the home screen, accounts page.

Make clearer what was paid with bill pay on the account page within the list of posted transactions and denote which items were paid electronically vs. with a mailed check.

This isn't an exhaustive list of all the things I think could be improved on within the bill pay system but I feel that, while other aspects of the website are more streamlined, this one has not been designed (or perhaps for some reason could not be designed) to the same quality standard.
I like that you're offering comments with suggestions and not just sounding off. I like a lot of what this bill pay system includes but would, like you, be willing to participate in a user feedback session to suggest enhancements.

I think that one thing that needs to be fixed is making it easy to delete/edit payee's.  For the life of me, I can't figure out how to delete old companies that I use to need to send money to.  I don't think I am the only one who has this issue as  some co-workers have the same issue.


I don't see how to add a new suggestion - only to reply to someone else's suggestion.  Can you please guide me?  My suggestion is to make online bill pay more professional.  I use a different bank for paying bills because I feel the BECU site sounds like they are addressing a child.  But I would like to consolidate my banking with BECU.  Thanks!

BECU Employee
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Dear aaronwubbenhors, 


one workaround I have found is to make groups and then add only your current payees to those groups and then make the default group that all payees are in invisible. This solves the unwanted clutter of old accounts while making the groupings more clear. You could group them all together under current, or perhaps you could make separate groups such as monthly, bi-monthly or loans vs. utilities. 




I would love it if they combined payments, BECU, third parties, etc. I want to pay all my bills in ONE place. Currently I pay my utility bills then have to go elsewhere on the website to pay BECU for mortgage, car loan, any credit card bills. It's annoying and easy to overlook paying a BECU bill since they pushed me into paperless billing.


The bill pay website is made by a third-party company. When I banked with Fidelity they had the exact same one. The site could really use a lot of improvements, but I'd be happy if it didn't pop open a new tiny window that I have to resize every. single. time. And another popup asking if I want to leave every time I close the window. Annoying.


I completely agree Davepar! That's my main complaint with Bill Pay. I hate the small pop up, tiny window which does require one to resize it every single time. Supper annoying. I'd much prefer that Bill Pay opens up in another tab in one's browser!! The rest of Bill Pay is fine as far as I'm concerned.


+1  Whats the point of a window that opens too small to actually use?

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