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Is there anyway you could create one logon portal for you to access all of the different BECU sites? For example, when you logon to your BECU online banking, have that also log you into your Visa Rewards site and even this MIS site? With the countless number of credentials I'm sure most of us have to remember, having a single sign on capability would make it easier for me to access all of the customer benefit sites BECU offers. 

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You're right @Bhall14 - we've got a lot of places we make you log in! The idea of having one place to log in certainly has it's advantages (ease of use, convenience, and time savings) along with it's disadvantages (say, for instance, someone gets their hands on your information and then has access to everything). We do want your experience to be as smooth as possible, and we should be thoughtful as we consider these conveniences. I'm curious to hear your thoughts as well as others in the community. Thanks for starting this topic! JohnS 


@JohnS- Totally understand the security aspect of this. What if in a small section (or on a different page) of the Online Banking homepage, you included a small visualization of the data elements people are most interested from the various additional sites. For example, including a small visualization that shows you how many points you have and the percentage you are to you goal for the Visa Rewards site. You could unclude something very similar to what drops down from your profile section on this page (the bell, mail, and thought bubble logo) on the homepage of your online banking site so you can understand all your notificaitons through this site. You wouldn't be logged in to that specific site, but you could then communicate all the important data elements to the end-user without having them physically log into that site. 

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We love the way you think, @Bhall14 thanks for the additional clarification and context to your idea. This is definitely helpful info for when we look to make design and navigation improvements to Online Banking, thanks for sharing your insight with us on what would be valuable to you! JohnS

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