One free cashiers check per month or use ATM refund for any cash access costs

Why can't we get members one free cashiers check per month?

My biggest gripe about BECU is that I can't get a modest amount of cash (say 4-7k) easily. There are times that I need cash for something like a private purchase of a vehicle or item. BECU has no means for me to get more than a couple thousand on any given day through an ATM.

What makes no sense to me is we reimburse people who make a choice to go use a non BECU ATM, yet when I need access to cash or cash equivalents I have no alternative way to do that without incurring a fee for a check.

Why not allocate that $6 ATM refund (or whatever it is per month) to any fees, including cashiers checks? Or allow one free check per month? That would allow the person who needs occasional access to sums of money that aren't available via ATMs the means to access it and reward those of us who make a point of not using non BECU ATMs.