On Line Report Generations - Merging of accounts reporting

We would like to propose that BECU support its members to enable them to create reports on line. BECU has some features for report generations; however they are not all encompassing for each area of BECU banking. One can not, for instance, choose all accounts and generate a report. And the history is not available for greater than one year. Also, Bill Pay history generation, although goes back 24 months, is not in the same format as the main accounts report .csv generations. Then the BECU CashEdge Inc. POPMONEY is yet in another format. I have just recently had to ask BECU for some history of payment to a person, but the on line features of Transfer History did not go back far enough. We are members of another Credit Union, and they have a very advanced tool for this. We would like to see BECU support this idea for its members. Refer to attached example, please. This feature should be a part of the benefits of membership. We are being charged a fee to attain the data we want from the past, and it is coming in paper format. I will then have to transfer this to a database like Excel. On line, report generation will, in the end, save a lot of process time and resources of BECU and its members. We understand each existing account type certainly is driven by a separate tool set to create the interface for report generations but one interface to generate on line reports is a reasonable request nevertheless. Furthermore, we do not think that being charged for a report  is in order, nor is it that useful if it comes in paper format.


Thank you for your considerations.


On Line Report Generation Example.pngOn Line Report Interface Example

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Hi @jlkilcrease Welcome to the MIX and thank you for your thoughtful proposal! Currently, the most in-depth reporting functionality we have is in Money Manager. While it's not quite as robust as what your describing, it does offer more history and the ability to choose what accounts you'd like to pull reports on in CSV format. I've shared your idea with our Digital team, as we're always looking at ways to make banking easier for our members. Thanks, JohnS 

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@jlkilcrease I'm updating the status on this idea since there hasn't been further community support. If you have any questions please let me know. Thanks! JohnS