Offer CPA access do business banking

I have an amazing bookkeeper. He cautioned me against business banking with BECU as there is no way for him to access my account and produce my P & L (which is what I hired him for!). I'd have to give him my login information or he needs to be a BECU member (he lives in Phoenix and isn't going to join my Seattle credit union just to access my account). I don't want to print and mail statements. That is why I am paying a bookkeeper. Please BECU, offer what most every other bank does so I don't need to switch my biz banking to elsewhere.
BECU Employee
Status changed to: Good news! We have this!

@Seattlemel- Thanks for joining the MIX and sharing your feedback! We do have enhancements underway that will make this easier in the future, but in the meantime, you're able to add online access for your bookkeeper by completing the Business Relationship Change form, linked here from our website. Your bookkeeper doesn't need to be member, and this will allow them to view your accounts and download information from your online banking as requested. We know it's not a perfect solution, but I hope this helps you and your amazing bookkeeper! Be on the lookout for future updates relating to business banking enhancements in our member newsletter. Cheers, KristinA 


My bookkeeper/accountant just got Quickbooks Online and accesses my account that way. I don't know what prevents your bookkeeper from doing this now.

BECU Employee

@PolarBear- Thanks for sharing your experience and what's worked for you! That's what I love best about this community. Cheers, KristinA