Notary Services

We really appreciate the notary services offered to BECU members. With that said the service should include Wills, Medical and Living Trust documents. Especially since these documents are typically updated annually.

BECU Employee
Status changed to: Good news! We have this!

Thanks for your words of appreciation @Cassie12, we love when our free services are utilized and appreciated! The types of documents you mention can be tricky since it depends on the document verbiage, but typically are able to be notarized if they are in English and with the support of a witness. If the document is specifically asking for a decision/validation from the notary around an individual's mental capacity or truthfulness, (we don't ever doubt!), we are unable to notarize those specific types of requests. Best course of action would be to review your specific document with a notary at your local NFC.


Cheers, Kristin




What notary services does BECU provide?