North Benson Financial Center Parking Problem

The location of the North Benson Financial Center (SE Renton) is less than ideal. The parking lot is frequently full and there is no alternate parking that is remotely convenient. Staff members at this location agree. Parking is shared with a 7-11. BECU should either look for an alternate location or create a new Financial Center in the Fairwood area.

Community Manager

Hi @stupdcat. I understand how frustrating parking can be in, especially busy lots that are shared with other retail spaces. When considering a location for our new branches, we do evaluate the access each location provides, including available parking accommodations. I'll be sure to pass along your suggestion for adding a location in the Fairwood area. In the meantime, maybe there's a parnter Credit Union in your neighborhood who's parking is more convenient for those times when a trip to a branch is necessary. You can find partner credit unions on our webiste, here. Thanks! JohnS   


I agree. This location feels dangerous to park at. If I need to go I go right as they open. I wonder if moving to the Pay less shoes that is gone now would be possible. Lots of parking and so easy to get in and out of. Still love this bank just the worst parking.

Community Manager

Thanks for your feedback @Marvel11, I'll be sure to share this with our retail and facilities partners. JohnS 

Community Manager
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