Net Worth on a scale

The Net Worth part of the Money Manager doesn't give me as good a sense of how I'm doing as the visualization chosen in, where the data points are absolute values on a scale relative to zero while both assets and debts are displayed—like so (minus the actual dollar values to the left):


Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 6.42.35 PM.png


I'd appreciate something more like that. It's about the only reason I still log in to Mint.

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Status changed to: Check out this idea!

@hobyvh Thanks for sharing and for providing an example - super helpful!

BECU Employee
Status changed to: Inactive

Inactive idea? So BECU's net worth screen will just always be useless?

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Good morning @hobyvh. We've definitely shared your idea with our Digital team and others within the organization. The idea hasn't garnered enough community support to keep the idea active. We want all of our Money Manager features to offer useful info, so while this isn't something we have on our radar to update right now, you never know what could happen in future releases. You'll always find out here first! JohnS