NSF's waived once per year on each account

When you have many accounts, it's rare, but happens - you lose track and incur an NSF.  This pretty much wipes out any interest you may have earned during the year.  It would be GREAT if there was a little leniency for the great customers who have more than enough money in their accounts to cover insufficient funds in one account.  Hey BECU - how about waiving one NSF fee per year on each account?  Hopefully I would never get there, but it would be comforting to know that it's available.  Thank you!

Or instead of a waived fee, overdraft protection where it pulls the money from another account that does have the funds.
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Having a Line of Credit linked to your account can act as overdraft protection. If an overdraft hits the LOC you incur a few cents in interest, but there's no cost to have the LOC account

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Thanks @JDub55 for posting! We understand that life happens. When these types of situations come up, we review the overall member history when looking to reverse fees. Great suggestions from @Rmconnors and @damde - these are great ways to avoid those NSF charges if they do happen.

Thanks all!