Mortgage payment amount should be available on my BECU account. Somewhere.

The amount of my mortgage payment does not appear anywhere on the BECU site, yet I can pay the mortgage on the site.  I phoned BECU and was told that I have to register with a third-party,, to get that information online.  The amount of my payment is not the same as the amount on my payment book because I made an escrow payment. I suggest:  1. Make the payment amount available on the site.  2. Until has that capacity, create a link directly to, or explain the system somewhere on  Right now, that information is not available except through a phone call. This is not a good customer experience. I've been asking about this since January.

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huh, i would have figured this was built in already.  well, there goes that consideration for switching from washington mutual!

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 @iDeaX- Thanks for bringing this to our attention, we'd like to try and clarify your experience. Can you let me know what happens when you follow these steps:

  1. Log into BECU online banking
  2. Open BECU Accounts & Loans
  3. On the Account Summary locate the Mortgages section
  4. Click on your mortgage account number
  5. The Mortgage Information Screen will display
  6. From the left hand menu click on Current Loan Information

This should display your mortgage payment amount without having to login to a separate site. If that is not your experience and it still doesn't work, please respond back or Private Message me and let us know what system set up and browser version you are using so we can troubleshoot. Cheers, KristinA