More details for foreign transactions on statements

I recently traveled to Vancouver, BC, and both Online Banking and my monthly statement show only the city where each Canadian debit transaction occurred, e.g., "POS Withdrawal Frgn Fee Incl 0.04 VANCOUVER BCCA". Since the transactions are posting on different days and I didn't already have their USD values, it's not easy to match them up to receipts. At least for transactions in Canada, I know that other U.S. financial institutions list the name of the business/other party in the description, just like for U.S. transactions. Is this something that could be included on BECU statements?


It would also make my life easier.

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@kdau00- Thanks for sharing your experience here, we're checking in with our experts to learn more about these transaction details and requirements. On a related note, I hope you heard we recently eliminated the foreign transaction fee on our debit card. Great news for our traveling members like yourself! Cheers, KristinA 


Kudos on removing foreign transaction fees.


I second the possibility of including merchant information in the transaction details of foeign transactions. Without these details, it is difficult to submit these charges for business travel reimbursement. At a minimum (even if in the details), it would be helpful to have the merchant as well as the origional currency and amount. Other banks such as Amex and Discover do a great job of describing this.


I know this is a work in progress, so I appricate your consideration.

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Thanks @wakeroh! Our team is currently working on a fix that will allow the merchant name to display. I'll provide updates as I get them. Thanks for your support! JohnS