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More banking products to help people with bad credit get their credit back

Some people I know would love to join BECU, but they have bad credit, and they are trying to get their credit back on track, but they have a hard time finding services.  If BECU could offer some more services to people with low credit scores, I think that would help a lot.  Some ideas for products for people with bad credit:

  • A secured credit card, or bank account.
  • Micro-loans, like KIVA.ORG
  • Payday loans that charge a small amount of interest, or maybe a monthly or yearly payment that gives you access to payday loan service at a lower rate.
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Status changed to: Good news! We have this!

Good morning @verifex thanks for your thoughtful idea. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to get on track and stay on track which is why we're proud to offer services that enable members to get back on their feet. While we don't have plans on supporting things like payday loans, we do have a number of other options that help those who are trying to become more financially "healthy". Here are a few;


  • Secure Visa Card
  • Access to a free and confidential financial health check to help you make decisions and take actions on savings, budgeting and debt management in real-time. More details on our website, here.

I also love where you're head is at regarding programs like Kiva. Even though we don't partner with them directly, we do partner with local businesses and charities that do great work in the communities we serve. It's great to see other organizations come together to help those in need internationally as well. Thanks again for sharing! JohnS