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Boeing has been relocating many of its employees to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. I have been a BECU member since I was in elementary school (early saver program), and my parents have been with BECU since my dad started working there when he graduated from college. There is only 1 surcharge free ATM east of OKC, and not many other than that. Please bring in more BECU or partner ATMs! Maybe partner with Tinker Federal on ATMs too and not just for the brick and morter locations? PLEASE!

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Hi @DesiAndLegs welcome to the MIX and thanks for sharing your thoughts on expanding the network of partner credit unions into Oklahoma. Being a long-time BECU member (thanks for that, by the way!) you probably know that the Co-Op network of credit unions is currently the second largest branch network in the country and we're always excited to expand that partnership. I did a little research on our website and I found several partner credit unions already in the Oklahoma City area, including Tinker Federal. Give it a search and let me know if you have any questions. When you search our locations page, please be sure to check the box for "Partner Credit Unions". Have a great day! JohnS



I'm in the same boat; while I had a great experience with the co-op network when I lived in San Diego and San Francisco, but in Santa Rosa I now have to drive at least half an hour to access teller services. No fun, and almost a crisis when we recently needed to manifest a cashier's check/money order as a deposit for housing.


Is there any way that members can be helpful in encouraging the network to expand? What keeps other credit unions from providing teller services when they already have shared ATMs?


The co-op network site gives a few more search options than the BECU page if that helps, too: 


I live on a small island in Seattle overlooking Puget Sound.  I am grateful that on this island, I am able to do BECU banking thru a local small community bank.  This means I don't have to get on a ferry, cross over to the Seattle side, and drive to the nearest BECU available.  Best thing ever!!

I believe that if BECU took advantage of this option in other states or rural areas, it would be greatly appreciated   and open up new opportunities for them.


Hi John!


Sorry I have taken so long to reply. I currently use a navy federal credit union ATM, but the tinker federal credit union locations are branch only, not a surcharge free ATM (as far as I know). I much prefer ATMs when I can, as I am a student and find myself out and about at non bank friendly hours. If the Tinker federal credit union branches also had surcharge free ATMs that would be plenty!


this is a great idea! having locations close is an important part of contiuned service.

Why doesn't BECU join the AllPoint ATM Network. Most ATMs at grocery stores throughout the nation belong to the AllPoint Network which means most BECU members will get easy access to Convenient ATM Network for their daily needs.
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Hi All, realized I hadn't circled back around on this idea in a while and I wanted to let ya'll know that if you need to withdraw cash from a non-BECU or non-CoOp ATM, and you have Member Advantage accounts, we’ll refund your ATM surcharge fees, up to $6 per month. You can read more about the details here. Have a fantastic day! JohnS