More Financial Centers

I personally would like to see more localized Neighborhood Financial Centers. I live in the Downtown Tacoma area and it is a pain to have to go to one of the "nearby" Financial Centers. They are both roughly a 20 minute drive from the downtown sector.


I agree. Live in west olympia and the only area financial center is in Lacey, about 20 miles away, in that traffic nightmare called Hawks Prairie.

In addition, we find the "companion" credit unions that ARE nearby (eg, Wescu) are not super easy to deal with for becu members.


I agree.  I use a "shared" center, because the nearest BECU center is in University Place and I live in DuPont.  And I want financial centers to have tellers.  I hate having to use shared centers because there I can deposit my money with real people. Yes, of course it's a generational thing, but if you're talking about service, I just want to be able to dash in and make my deposit as if it were a real bank. (!)

BECU Employee
Status changed to: On the Radar

@sarahkelly58- We've added your suggestion to our location request tracking. Thanks for sharing! Cheers, KristinA 

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Status changed to: Further Consideration

Hi All! I'm doing some year-end house-keeping and realized this needed to be updated. We're always evaluating the need and location for additional branches. I'm updating the status from "On the Radar" as we don't have any current plans to open a new location in the downtown Tacoma area. We have shared this suggestion with our Retail team for further consideration. Thanks! JohnS