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BECU promotes a remote service model which is awesome but I wish I could do more from your Mobile App. I have another credit union back home that has an amazing app. I can do balance transfers straight from my app (currently at BECU I have to call or come into the branch), I can put a travel notification on my cards via the app (currently at BECU I have to email, call, or come in), I can request a cashier's check be mailed to me, I can activate my debit and credit cards, change my pin, block my card, order a new card, and even temporarily block my credit/debit card. I feel like this would cut down my trips to the branch and cut down the number of times I need to call in. I would be much more self sufficent in my banking which would be more convienent and would also alleviate the long wait times in the branches. 

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@tylouie34- We're all about being self-sufficient and appreciate your specific ideas! We're always reviewing member feedback on the app and the most recent update included enhancements based on member feedback- You can read about it here. If you were to pick your top improvement requests based on what you've shared, which ones would they be? Which ones are popular with the community? Cheers, KristinA 


I appreciate the enchancements based on member feedback, that is one thing I love about BECU. I think more access to control our cards would be my top improvement request. Balance transfers, travel notifications, activate card, change pin and etc. 3 of these would help alleivate visits to the branch or calling into the credit union. The last few times we have traveled I called in, when I needed to change my pin # I had to come in, when I needed to do a balance transfer I needed to call or come in and the wait times were always fairly long and took a good chunk of my lunch break. Even access to these via online banking would be a huge improvment.

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@tylouie34- We had the chance to review your ideas with our Digital team and expanded self-managed functionality is definitely something we're looking to provide. The team liked and agreed with these ideas and will be looking to prioritize! Thanks for providing your top enhancement idea for card management, additional community support will be helpful as well. We'll keep you posted here as we get a better idea of what functionality can be delivered first, and when. Cheers, KristinA 

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@tylouie34- Hey there! Just wanted to provide an update on what we've got in the works since your idea for additional mobile app enhancements was multi-faceted:

Travel notifications- coming this year!

Cashier's check request- not right for us, it would need a lot more community support to be considered

Card Activation & pin change- planning to make happen, probably not this year

Block Card- coming this year!

Request new card- not planned


Cheers, KristinA 

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@tylouie34- We have a new idea exchange available to rank your preferences for new mobile app features, we'd love your input, check it out here to take the survey and post any additional ideas! Cheers, KristinA 

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Status changed to: Under BECU Review

Hey @tylouie34 Quick update - Our Digital team is reviewing added features in the mobile app for development in 2018 - stay tuned here for updates! JohnS