Mobile app: Allow me to see my cash back rewards balance and apply it

As a Cash Back Rewards cardholder, I would like to apply my cash back rewards to my balance so that I may pay my credit card in the most convenient way. 



a  few ideas:

1. have a search bar on main page after login

2. have routing number on main acount page after logging in 

3 Standardize the pin and passwords requirements



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Status changed to: On the Radar

Thanks for sharing this idea @sklegg. Adding Visa Rewards to the mobile app is something we've had conversation about internally and is on our roadmap.  We'll definitely keep the community updated when we have more information. Have a great weekend! JohnS

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Hi @newtours. Thanks for sharing your ideas.


1. When you log into the app what would you use the search bar for if it were available? 

2. The routing can be found in the "Help & Legal" section of the app.

3. Can you provide more detail on what you're looking for when you say "standardize the pin and passwords requirements"?


Thanks for indulging me. I look forward to passing your feedback along to our digital team.


Have a great weekend!