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Please, please, have to do something about your MOBILE APP!!! PLEASE UPDATE IT! Sooooo far behind the times -- no balance due/due date for credit card, loans, etc. AND, the mobile check deposit system fails to work at least 50% of the time, and it can be quite frustrating to use, same 'error' message always popping up, even when it does in fact go through, and offsets all of the convenience of that option in the first place. Okay, that's about all on that front -- still love y'all! Robot Happy 

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Status changed to: Check out this idea!

Hi @devbiv ! Welcome to the MIX. Thanks for sharing your feedback with the community. Our digital team is planning to add upcoming bill payment due dates and minimum payment amounts, and are always working to make the app better.  We'll definitely share when we know more regarding a timeline. Also, I'm sorry that mobile deposit capture is being picky, but I'm glad that you're ultimately able to deposit your checks. One of our Tech Support reps can troubleshoot further and you can reach us at 800-233-2328. Thanks and have a great weekend! JohnS