Mobile App - Multiplie Account Deposit

Mobile App - Remote Deposit Capture: Allow Users to deposit one check to multiple accounts.  Allow the user to select the accounts and amounts for each deposit.  This will reduce the need to transfer funds from one account to another when necessary. This will also reduce the number of transfers performed currently limited to six (6) monthly.  How well do you feel your membership will adopt this enhancement? Let me membership speak up as to who is in favor.

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@kellydean- Thanks for sharing your idea and trying to engage the community! I did some research on this functionality and learned that the restriction on split deposits is due to the increased complexity to reverse a transaction if the check item ends up bad/funds not available. 


One way around the Reg D (limits on transfers from savings), is to deposit the entire check amount into checking, and then transfer around from there since there are no limitations on transfers from a checking account. Cheers, KristinA