Mobil App needs work

I am new to BECU so getting up and running on all the features is a chore!  I have been designing software for 30 years and my experience with the mobil app is less than optimal, much less!


First, it is on my phone which the app can verify!  therefore, don't ask me to provide login every time!  Hold the user/PW in the app and ask me one of my verification questions.  Phone gets stolen, still can't get in!  This makes it easier for me but still secure!


Second, I should be able to text a command to a BECU teller app, and get certain info such as Balance, recent deposits, recent charges, etc.  I should be able to set what the time frame is for recent also.


OK, good for now!



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Hi @Maxinseattle, thanks for your feedback. Our members security is very important to us, which is why we require members to log into the app each time it's accessed. Your username is saved and if your phone has thumbprint capabilities, you can use that through the app for quick and easy access to your information.


Text command, or SMS banking, has been an idea shared in the community and we've reviewed with our mobile team for viability. Currently, we aren't pursuing SMS banking. You can check out that idea and the conversation in the thread, here. Thanks! JohnS  

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@Maxinseattle Doing some organizing and updating statuses. If you have any questions, please feel free to send me a PM. Thanks! JohnS