Metal Card w/better options to spend points

My idea is for a "metal" card like the Chase Sapphire Preferred/Reserve, Amazon Prime, Ritz etc. etc that Chase offers with the card #s on the back of the card instead of the front with a revamp of the points system.

My idea is two parts: 1) aesthetics 2) points accumulation & redemptions

1) I own two of the cards I just mentioned above and I always receive "wow!"s from people who haven't seen them before. I bank with BECU and consider you guys the best and it'd be great as a member/Boeing employee to be able to proudly display/use a BECU card and get "oohs and ahhs".
2) I wouldn't mind paying an annual fee (up to ~$95 to compete with sapphire preferred) for better point accumulation (eg. 3% cash back on all purchases, or 5% cash back on rotating categories, or tiered 3% on X; 2% on Y; 1% on all else) and better points redemption offers (2-2.5x value when redeeming through BECU for booking travel or something of the like). I know BECU and the "Big Four" banks have completely different interests and business models, but I think it'd be great if we can merge the "best practices" of a big corporate bank program with the better business practice of BECU.
I'd cancel all my other cards in a heartbeat if this card was available.
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Hi @rsjang91 Thanks for sharing and welcome to the MIX! We're in active development to revamp our current rewards program. We recently had a Featured Pursuit on just that idea. The thread is now closed for comment, but you can check out what other Mixer's had to say, here and I'll be sure to share your thoughts with our product team as they continue work on the program. Also your idea for a metal card is intriguing. I'm looking forward to seeing what other community members think about your idea! 


I also would be interested in a unique metal card.

I have information of a company in L.A. that produces a card to ones personal specifications.


I feel BECU deserves its' own signature mark.  Yes ... the service is that GOOD!


A snazzy card is always nice, but if it results in 'fees' as the large banks have, I would move away from BECU.  I am here because the fees at the big banks made me nauseous.  I love credit unions and if it takes a modest looking credit card to keep the fees away, that's why I'm here. That and higher interest rates.  


@CathyK good put! I hate fees too. My idea was to have the metal card as a 2nd card option not to change the current one that's offered. The annual "fee" for the card would be optional since you wouldn't get incurred if you don't apply! Just opt for the regular no fee card Robot Happy

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Thanks everyone for the great conversation on this topic, it's interesting to hear the different view points. Let's see what others have to add!

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@rsjang91 - Don't be discouraged, it's only the metal cards that aren't in the cards for us. The exciting news is we've been working hard on revamping our credit card rewards program and we're getting closer everyday to unveiling the new benefits - we'll keep you posted here with more! JohnS