Means to delete accounts no longer needed

I have created several accounts that were purpose-specific.  For example, we created one checking account (which is easy to do online) for the sole purpose of our daughter's wedding expenses. 


The wedding has come and gone and there is no way to delete that account (and transfer whatever balance to another checking account).  I'm referring to the accounts that appear in my online Account Manager, not transfers between different user accounts.


I would also like to be able to do this.

I believe you can do this. Log in, click Edit Profile next to your name, then click Manage Account View, then uncheck the accounts you no longer want displayed on your profile. This doesn't close the accounts, but you won't see them!

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Thanks for the assist @mdmay! You're totally right- we do offer the functionality to hide accounts in Online Banking. @davehunt and @Worshipdancer1, I hope this was helpful. Thanks for posting!