Make eBill Reminders Smarter

It's nice that I get reminder emails like the pic attached, but BECU could easily make the reminders smarter and more useful... 

At the bottom, instead of telling me "No action is requred if your payment has been scheduled", why don't you tell me if the payment is already scheduled or not?  The data should all be there in the system!

Just my 2 cents for today.



screenshot - becu bill reminder.png

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I love your idea @tadashi. More information is always helpful, especially when scheduling payments. These ebill reminders come directly from the merchant and they don't have access to see what payments have already been scheduled through your bill pay with us or by another financial institution. The best way to see if a bill has already been scheduled is to verify by looking under "Pending Payments" when logged into Bill Pay. Thanks! JohnS