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I would like to see on my online banking when I click on my auto loan the collateral that is tied to that loan. I would also like it when I go in to see a BECU representive that they could see my collateral listed with my auto loan information in their main screen instead of having to dig that information up. I think this could clear up some confusion when making payments online and in the branch.

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Hi @bsdiemert. I'm doing some research on your idea and will get back to you with more details when I have them. A good work around in the meantime is to set an account nickname in Online Banking. From your Account Summary page;


Click "Edit Profile" next to your name on the top left.

Select "Manage Account View"

Next to your auto loan, type in the account nickname you'd like to use.

Click "Save my Changes"


If you have any questions, please let me know. JohnS


more info to the customer the better


regular banks limits info ... becu would standout if more info is available to its customers