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I would love to see "classes" on how to save money when people dont have a lot of money to save. Opening accounts is great- if you know what they are for and how to use them. Retirement is a big deal that most young people dont think about, nor is it taught in school. I think it would be awesome if a few partners could get together and come up with a simplified banking system that helps pave the way for anyone to know how banking works and the right ways for them to save. I met with Mary J in Tukwila and she was amazing and helped me open a Roth IRA, but before I spoke with her I had no idea how to save for my retirement and the down payment for my first home at the same time.

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@Tonia1304- Thanks for joining the MIX and jumping right in to share your idea. I am so glad you had a great experience with Mary, we love hearing about how awesome our employees are! 


Can you tell us a little more about what class topics you would find valuable relating to saving money? Check out our online and self-paced courses here and let us know what we're missing!


Also, check back soon in the MIX, we're having a guest financial educator blog series coming up. Cheers, KristinA 

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