Joint Bill Pay for Joint checking accounts

With my wife and I sharing a joint checking account for household expenses, I thought it would be a good improvement to look into the BECU Bill Payment system.  Unfortunately, I found out that while you can tie bill payment to a checking account, it is configured for only one USER account.  I don't exactly want to share my user account with my wife (that may even be a no-no buried in the terms of service), and I don't particularly like the idea of giving companies carte blanch access to to my checking account to charge me what they like when they like (e.g. 'autopay' services).  I would love to be able to just use a "Joint Bill Pay" for my joint checking account, so that my wife or myself could track and pay bills with the click of a mouse.  I can imagine the stamp savings alone piling up over the course of a given year as well.


It would be great to be able to see what my husband has already sent out of our joint account through bill pay. Right now it's phone calls and text messages and a pain. 


This was a surprising and very disappointing limitation of the online banking system.  It would certainly be an ideal feature for joint account holders with separate logins to share bill pay activity, avoiding duplicate payments, duplicate setup/maintenance, etc.


"Joint Bill Pay" is something I've mentioned to folks on the phone before. This is something that would help joint account users, especially if the primary bill payer becomes unable to do this task. It would also be great as a general feature so that both users of a joint account can see if the bills are being paid.

I do not like "auto pay" myself and never let a company have that kind of access to my account.

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@garrick- Thanks for sharing your idea! We do understand the current limitations for joint owners can be frustrating and after reviewing your idea with our Digital team, we will continue to research ways to enhance the bill pay experience as we move forward. Thanks to all who chimed in with supporting comments and kudos for this idea. Cheers, KristinA