It would be nice if BECU would enable autopay of car loans through website

BECU's credit card and mortgage loan websites allow for easy enrollment in autopay, but requires a separate PDF form to be downloaded and mailed in to enroll in autopay for auto loans. These separate products should have a unified way to enroll in autopay, especially if being paid off from a BECU account!

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Good morning @Robbertom! Thanks for sharing. We're always looking for ways to make processes easier and more streamlined for our members. So I'm sure community support will echo your sentiment. Thanks for posting! JohnS

There currently is no option to set up a recurring payment for a BECU loan online.  When I inquired, I was referred to a form to complete which costs $25 for the "adjustment" to the loan.  This is absolutely ridiculous.  I'm not asking to alter the terms of the loan, I just want to schedule a payment to be withdrawn from an account automatically every month.  I don't think this is asking a lot, since I can schedule recurrences for Bill Pay payments or account transfers. I find the lack of this option for loan payment to be contrary to BECU's usual customer oriented approach. I guess if I forget to do the payment for a month, it benefits BECU in the additional interest/fees, so perhaps there is no incentive.


Yes, I'm told the $25 fee for the form will be waived (although the form is quite clear that you are agreeing to pay $25). The auto loan is a co-sign for my son who is in Minnesota which makes the logistics difficult for getting the form completed, and then trusting that someone will waive that fee.


To me it just makes no sense not to allow the simple option of a recurring payment online.


If the change to the BECU payment screen is too painful, just add the BECU loan accounts to the target accounts on the Account Transfer screen since that seems to know how to handle recurring transfers.

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@RebelRodents- Welcome to the MIX and thanks for sharing your experience. We don't want loan payments to be painful, your feedback is so valuable as we explore ways to improve the experience and offer additional (and easy!) ways to make your loan payment. Cheers, KristinA 


I totally agree with the original poster here. BECU allows setting up auto payments to loans at other banks/financial institutions from BECU accounts. But does not allow auto payments for the BECU loans from BECU accounts. Seems like a huge miss on BECU's part.

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Welcome to the MIX @yshreyas and thanks for adding your support for this idea. Just to clarify, we do encourage members to set up auto payments to their BECU loans with money from their BECU accounts. There are forms and signatures required for some and we're exploring options to make this process easier for members. If you have any questions about setting up auto payments, please let me know! Thanks JohnS


I also agree with the original poster.  But adding some more ideas for you...


It would be really nice if the bill payment page warned you if your "Regular" payment was going to only go to principle.


You have to read the SUPER small print to see that if you pay your bill more than 12 days in advance it counts only as a principle payment, for no explanable reason. If I wanted it to go to principle, I would have clicked the Principle only option.  Silently switching it to Principle only is just nonsense. At LEAST if you try to submit a Regular payment too early a pop up should ask if you really want to do that.


If you aren't going to do that, you should at least put the due date ON THAT PAGE, instead of making me go find the due date somewhere else on the website to calculate if it's late enough to pay my bill.


I like BECU in general, but this kinda feels like you are making it hard so I end up paying late fees (which I have because I tried to pay my bill more than 12 days in advance one month when I was going out of town, and only figured this all out when the late fee showed up).




Does anybody have the link the .pdf for setting up autopayments?  That would be helpful for those like me that hit this page when searching for auto loan autopay.  Thanks.

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Hey @JasonB, all the forms are listed on our website, here. Also, I might be able to provide a more specific solution if you're willing to share what type of loan you're looking to set up automatic payments for. Thanks!


Please add an option to enroll in Autopay for Auto Loans on the Auto Loan Payment screen. I'm sure you have many members who would greatly appreciate this feature. I am personally frustrated that something so simple has not been available yet.




Echo these suggestions! The fact that there are no:

1) Ways to setup auto withdrawal (from a BECU account to a BECU loan) without having to fill out a PDF ... mind blowing.

2) There's no 'alerts' that a payment is coming due for BECU auto loans (without auto withdrawal alerts are huge to keep members aware; we get emails from other Auto Loan providers, app alerts, etc. that a payment is coming due soon - we all lead busy lives, why slap us with a late fee when you are so behind the game when it comes to these basic features?)



1) Add functionality to email and or text loan customers that a payment will be coming due in the near future (e.g. 7-10 business days in advance).

2) Allow users to post a payment with a future date. This looks like the feature might be there but is either turned off or unavailable for some loans. 

3) Integrate BECU loans into the Bill Payment screens - ideally, acting similar to an eBill so we get alerts and can keep tabs of all payments coming due.

4) Allow a BECU customer to enroll in autowithdrawal online (not some crappy old school PDF process) - again, your competitors do this already.

5) Make it VERY clear in the BECU auto loan section that there is a process (PDF - although, again please improve this process) to setup auto-withdrawal. I've dug and dug and dug and can't find this information. It took a Google search to find this page/thread to learn a PDF existed. 



We're longtime BECU members and really wish we had gone elsewhere for this loan due to the antiquated tools and processes for Auto Loans. Please focus on improving these areas!!