It would be nice if BECU would enable autopay of car loans through website

BECU's credit card and mortgage loan websites allow for easy enrollment in autopay, but requires a separate PDF form to be downloaded and mailed in to enroll in autopay for auto loans. These separate products should have a unified way to enroll in autopay, especially if being paid off from a BECU account!


Hi @JohnS, thanks for your thorough steps back on 08-06-2018 05:13 PM.  Is the $25 fee that was mentioned earlier in the thread still in effect?


I ask because I just (like, just today) got a new auto loan and your colleague was very helpful but only asked what day I wanted the auto-draft to take place. I wanted to adjust the amount of the payment so I can apply additional payment to the principal but this was not offered to me at the time the auto-payment was setup. Now that I'm home and getting everything in order I'm wanting to increase my payment amount. Since my first payment on the auto-loan isn't for almost two-months it seems I should be able to make adjustments before this date without any fees (or really anytime, especially if it's simple changes like the date or amount of the payment).


Thanks again for representing the community to your colleagues.


--Lyle in Everett, WA

Community Manager

Hi, @LyleDodge  Welcome to the MIX! You're welcome to complete a Loan Modification Request which allows you to adjust your scheduled loan payment, adding additional dollars each month. There is no fee to make this change. The form needs to be printed and either faxed or mailed and we ask that it's submitted 15 days before your scheduled payment date. That sounds feasible, since you mentioned your first payment isn't due for a couple of months. If you have any questions, please let me know. JohnS


SOLVED     I solved it by treating my BECU Auto Loan as a payment to another institution. After setting up the account number and payment address it now works just like any other recurring payment I have set up.

Community Manager

@kybroco Nice work! This is another option to set up auto payments until we’re able to streamline this experience. Thanks for sharing your success with the community! JohnS


This was so frustrating to me to be told that the only way to setup auto pay for my loan accounts was to print a form for each one. I have 4 - and it's not 2002 anymore I'm not going to print and mail forms for this purpose. 


Instead I went to my other bank and setup auto-pay transfers. How silly is that for a customer to have to use a competitor bank to make life simple with their BECU account. It took me 10 mins to configure, would have been a lot easier if I could have had a radio button option for auto-pay on the BECU site. I almost made the full switch to BECU - glad I held off.