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It would be nice if BECU would enable autopay of car loans through website

BECU's credit card and mortgage loan websites allow for easy enrollment in autopay, but requires a separate PDF form to be downloaded and mailed in to enroll in autopay for auto loans. These separate products should have a unified way to enroll in autopay, especially if being paid off from a BECU account!


BECU's responses to this very reasonable, "why are we even having to ask for this" feature request are very disheartening. The original post is now over a year old, and absolutely no action has been taken. I'm honestly sincerely disappointed with BECU as I appear to be looking at a facade of "we're all about you, the member!" that disingenuously hides the kind of response that I was hoping to get away from when switching from This One Big Bank to BECU.


Currently I can set up recurring payments on my auto loan via the online banking interface only as long as I set them to apply to the principal only. I cannot set up a regular payment on the car loan to be made automatically. This seems to be a very deliberate action as when you select the "Regular Payment" option, you just get to enter the amount you want to pay. As soon as you switch the selection to the "Principal Only" option, a bunch of additional entry fields pop up that allow you to set up auto payment parameters. Explicitly available for "Principal Only", explicitly not available for "Regular Payment". This is basically the opposite of the kind of "members first!" approach that I would expect from BECU.


Additionally, there is the very frustrating and irritating issue raised by ChaddS about the lack of transparecy regarding payments going toward the loan or principal only. I have also fallen into the trap of making my first auto loan payment a few days too soon before the 12-day window, and was given zero indication that the payment would be going toward the principal only. A simple pop up "Hey just a heads up!" kind of info box, or brief persistent info on the page is all it would take to let people know. I was able to get it straightened out through calling customer service, but I'm really, really annoyed that this was even an issue in the first place. Again, seems like a deliberate obfuscation considering the fact that there's plent of "hey, info!" type of hints about other things on the site.


The fact that these concerns and requests are now more than a year old is just sad. I'm feeling really let down by BECU.

Community Manager

@anyas You’re right. This is taking much longer than we had hoped. Me and my team are championing this at every meeting with everyone within earshot, and we’re not giving up on it. This experience must be fixed and we’re getting others to listen and advocate for change, so thank you for adding your voice to the conversation. The truth is, it’s just not that easy for us to fix – so we’re tackling it one “easy/not easy” step at a time.


We’re also working on a blog to provide a more detailed explanation of what can be expected as we address this. Stay tuned to the community for more!


In the meantime, there’s a good old-fashioned paper workaround that can help;


Step one: Print and complete a Loan Modification Request - If the payment date for your loan doesn’t fall on a day that works for you, we can change it. Completing this form allows you to select a more convenient payment date and debit account. It also provides an option to include an additional principal amount over your regular payment, if you so choose.


Step two: Complete a ACH Debit Authorization (this form can be completed via DocuSign right online) - If the money for the payment is coming from another bank, we can transfer it for you automatically!  This form authorizes us to take money from another bank and deposit it directly into the account linked to your loan for automatic payment.


It’s all an intricate dance and I’d be happy to walk through it with you. If you have any questions please shoot me a private message. JohnS


I just set up an automatic payment back to my BECU Auto Loan using the online "Payment Center" (located through the "Bill Payment" Tab).


Click the "Add a Company or Person" red button and type in BECU. There are 5 BECU options that show up with this search. Select your appropriate box and then type in your account number and BECU Billing Zip code. You can set up automatic bill pays from your checking account to your loans or mortages at BECU.


Hope this helps.


@Salvador  - I literally just did this after getting stuck on the BECU payments page and not being able to set up autopay for my loan. I had set up autopay using "Principal Only" thinking it would work, but alas, that did not cover the required "Regular Payment", which cannot be scheduled in advance (argh). I'm leaving town soon and needed to figure something out, so googled and found this page and your comment. I went through the Bill Payment portal and added BECU Loans as a Company, setup autopay to it from my checking account, and now it looks like I'm good to go. Thanks for the tip (but why is that so hard to do??)


@JohnS hey that's awesome to hear! Thank you for listening and taking the concern to heart. Updates like the one you provided are always helpful when it comes to items that are being worked on, especially if it's not possible to show incremental progress. Thanks for your response.


@Salvador thank you for the suggestion, super helpful! I was wary of exploring other options after having been burned by a few auto loan payment features, but I'm definitely going to give this one a go. 


It's quite emberassaing that a bank in today's time does not offer a way to setup auto pay. Makes me wonder if I need to find a different bank.


I am still using my Bank of America account and I prefer that and paying a monthly maintenance fee than switching to BECU, which is 10 years back in regards to technology.

Community Manager

Thanks for the continued conversation. We do have ways to set up autopay for your loans. The experience isn't as streamlined as we would like and we are working on it. For the time being, you are welcome to complete a ACH Debit Authorization (this form can be completed via DocuSign right online) - If the money for the payment is coming from another bank, we can transfer it for you automatically!  This form authorizes us to take money from another bank and deposit it directly into the account linked to your loan for automatic payment.

Thanks - Reiners


I second the comments below - this is a really simple ask and BECU should be able to accommodate this. Let's see this happen in 2019 or a thorough explanation of WHY it is not being offered or made a priority thank you

Community Manager

Hi @pr2011 and welcome to the MIX! On the surface, it does seem like an easy fix and I wish I could flip the switch and make it happen. The truth is, it's more complicated than that. We know this is important and my team and I are championing this idea internally, so thank you for adding your voice to the conversation. Happy New Year! JohnS