It would be great if BECU would add branches, or ATM's, near EVERY college in WA state.

When preparing my son for college in Spokane, we were not only disappointed to discover no BECU branches in the area (I understand that will soon change - YAY!) but realized that US Bank seems to dominate the majority of campus bank options.  There are so many member benefits to maintaining a credit union account, especially as a young adult estabolishing your first financial autonomy.  I hope BECU will consider seeking new branch and ATM locations near ALL WA state colleges, both private and state schools.  


For example, in Spokane, there is an area near downtown, where Gonzaga, Whitworth and WSU all maintain campuses.  It is located between E Sharp Ave, N Division St, N Hamilton St and E Spokane Falls Blvd. Think about how many young BECU members may choose to switch from a credit union as they enter this new part of life, only to discover the closest credit union (Spokane Teachers Credit Union) is about a mile from Gonzaga and several blocks from the WSU and Whitworth branch campuses.  


A great area to consider, on the North or East side of Gonzaga campus, where lots of new appartment contruction also includes retail pads at street level. Few financial institutions have ventured into this area, yet college students need a constant flow of funds due to the cost of university and living separately from their childhood home.

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@vknutson- We're so excited to be headed into the Spokane area and I hope you'll be happy to hear one of our new locations is right in the Gonzaga University district at Cataldo & Ruby. (Next to Chipotle, a college-student win!) 


You're also right about the limitations and restrictions we run into when trying to partner with colleges who may already have contracts/relationships with other financial institutions, but we're always trying to make ourselves accessible. 


Thanks for sharing your input! Cheers, KristinA 


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@vknutson- We hope your son has been able to visit one of our new Spokane locations and hope he's having a great school year so far! Cheers, KristinA 


I went to school in pullman and just used the local credit union that is partnered with BECU. Worked flawlessly! I agree about the US bank Comment though.