Is Fax really more secure than a Phone Call?

As a BECU member who no longer lives in the PNW, I am astounded that for certain account changes I was told to send the request by fax (since I'm not able to come to a branch in person).  Wouldn't a phone call with various security verifications be more secure than a faxed request with a signature?  This seems backwards to me -- how hard is it for someone to photocopy my signature -- and hopefully the BECU polices on this change ASAP!


By the way, no other financial institution that I know does it this way!


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Good morning @tadashi and welcome to the MIX community! Faxing is a pain, and we completely understand. We've recently introduced several forms that can be completed and submitted online, but not all forms are available yet. Would you mind shooting me a private message with more detail of what's going on? I need further clarification in order to understand your proposed policy changes. Thanks! JohnS

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