Introduce Various Membership Tiers

Having Tiered membership levels with layers of free services, product discounts and/or Rewards on the basis of total assets with BECU will go a long way in providing great value addition to members who carry large balances in BECU accounts.
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Funny you should mention this. We've been exploring this for a little while. Out of the three you listed (free services, product discounts, rewards) which one is most appealing to you and what would it look like? 

I think Rewards Options linked to Account Activity and relationship balances will be most appealing to me
I would say structure such as Balance > X = Y Points, A Bill payments = B Points, Each Timely Loan Payment = C Points., D Debit Card purchases = E Points. Points keep getting added and never expire. These Points can then be redeemed for gifts, gift certificates, etc
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I don't personally like the idea of only giving discounts and free services to people who need them least.


Not to be negative, but I agree with @hobyvh.


Part of what I love about BECU is all members are just that... members.  Not "low balance members", "average balance members", and "large account balance members".


Segmenting the member community feels devisive to me and more like what I would expect of a large, corporate bank, rather than a credit union based around community and shared benefit.

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Status changed to: Further Consideration

Thanks for the great dialog around this idea. We don't currently have any plans to make changes like this, but may revisit down the road as plans evolve. Cheers, KristinA