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I never miss place my card. I'm always on to of them. Literally their in my wallet and I'm sitting on them. Okay, I recently opened my account. Shortly there after I went and made a deposit at an ATM. I realized a few days later, when trying to make another deposit, I didn't have my brand new BECU bank card... It was after hours, so I had to wait until next day. But while waiting I was worried about someone making online purchase with my card. They would only need to guess my zip code, it's the same as the bank where I bank at. If I lost it outside the bank or something similar. That would have made it easy for someone to use my card by guessing that I love in same zip code as where I lost my card.. It would be nice if some way you could require my P.I.N.# to make online purchases. I was able to quickly get a brand new card the following day after I realized I had lost it, that was awesome! That was a few days after I last used it though. Why don't we require a P.I.N.# or something for better security online. Thank you
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