Instant Transfers between BECU Members Online and with App

I also have Alaska FCU and Navy Federal CU and can easily transfer money to other members of the same credit union if I have their account number. There is no going into a branch to set this up in advance nor any delay. All I have to do is log into my account, select Transfer Funds and there is an option to transfer to another member. The money shows up in their account within minutes. This is not available between BECU members without going into a branch and going through a song and dance to set it up for only 1 member. Can we get this feature like the other credit unions?

Community Manager
Status changed to: Good news! We have this!

Hi @amique We also offer the ability to transfer money easily to other BECU member's accounts within online banking. To set this up, visit our Forms and Information page, expand the Account Management section and select the Third Party Transfer Authorization form. You have the option to print a PDF and mail or fax to us, or you can select eSign and complete the form electronically. Once processed, you'll be able to select the third party account when making transfers online. If you have any questions, please give us a call at 800-233-2328. Thanks! JohnS 

It would be convenient if BECU could partner with Zelle. It's a faster and convenient way to send money.

Community Manager

@drivenforsucces I have good news! We have partnered with Zelle. For more info, check our website, here. JohnS