Improving business web interface for deposits


1. With the recent change in security of the web interface, it would be nice to bring back individual check amounts that were desposited. Presently, only a total amount will show. This makes reconciling difficult. If I decide to email the deposit it will list individual amounts. Using Thunderbird shows justifiction of the text all over the page.


2. Using Firefox if there was say two accounts, the top tab would let mw choose which account. A simple click of the desired account and the password would already be there. It made depositing much easier than now having to enter the name associated with the account and then recalling the password.


3. When using the Canon check scanner, it has been odd that only Internet Explorer could be used. Firefox could not be used because it is more locked down for security reason. IE does not follow standard browser specifications. Please allow Firefox to be used.



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@sprints- Here's some information I hope you will find helpful in viewing individual check amounts:

  • Go to the History tab
  • Expand the online deposit you wish to view
  • It will then display all deposits associated with that receipt

Firefox is not a supported browser but you can view the supported browser types in the Help section. Cheers, KristinA 

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