Improve app and email notices

Firstly, I would like to see the mobile app downsized or, at least, the addition of a "Lite" version that is around 5-10 MB.


Secondly, I would like the app to allow mobile deposit of money orders if possible (I've read online that some banks allow it).


Lastly, I would like to see automated email notices if/when we have insufficient funds so that we can top up our accounts and avoid fees. I travel a lot and sometimes I lose sight of my American fincances and end up getting the insufficient funds fees because I forget to keep an eye on my balance. I work really hard to pay down my credit line (and I probably should just leave some "extra" in my checking to cover the monthly interest payments) but sometimes it takes a while to get the money together for a transfer back to the states when I'm teaching in other countries. I realize it's my responsibility to keep track of these things but a little reminder here and there would be really helpful. I'm sure many other members would also benefit from this type of notification in this day and age.


An earlier version of the app could be introduced as the "lite" version to save time and development costs.


It would be nice to see a log of balances (transactions and the balance after each one) -- just like the computer version. It would also be helpful to see checks through the mobile app (at one time we were, but no long).


Also, it'd be nice if we could set up payment for auto loans ahead rather than having the option to only auto-debit from one specific date, or making the payment the date that you go in.

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@sinkorswim3706- Thanks for sharing your ideas! Let's break them down, we have some questions! 


Lite app version: What is the reason behind the request? What would it have vs the current app and what would the benefit to the membership be?

Money Orders: Depending on the size and look of the money order, some of them will be accepted via mobile deposit. But you're right, typically they are not supported through the ATMs or mobile deposit.

Automated email notices: You can set up alerts through your online banking profile and you can select the balance threshold for each of your accounts!


Cheers, KristinA 


Hi Kristin,


Thank you for your response! I had no idea about the alerts and I see now that I just had to verify my email to get them. As for the Lite app version idea - this is because a lot of people have older phones and don't have much space for apps. I recently upgraded mine but I know many people still struggle to find 20 or 30 mb for an app and the BECU app currently uses about 54 mb. Not massive but still a bit large considering that some people just want to be able to check their balance with it. Of course, it probably wouldn't be worth developing a whole new app (especially since people can just put a shortcut to the website on their screen) but I figured maybe we still have an old version that could be made available under the title of "BECU lite" or something. I know that apps remain small if you just refuse to upgrade and the sad thing is that many of us only realize this after its too late and we've already done the update. I've always wondered why so many apps prevent you from downgrading as I know that some do allow you to "uninstall updates" in the interest of downsizing the app or returning to a preferred earlier version - maybe this is the solution?

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@sinkorswim3706- You bet! And thanks for the additional insight, that will be helpful as our mobile team evaluates the idea. Cheers, KristinA 

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@sinkorswim3706- We reviewed your ideas with our Digital and Mobile teams, and we won't be pursuing a "lite" version of the app. For our members concerned about space on their phones, we do recommend using the website on your mobile device instead like you mentioned. Thanks for taking the time to share your ideas! Cheers, KristinA